Burning for Christ: Steve Hall’s Christ Awakening

Burning for Christ: Steve Hall’s Christ Awakening

[Editor’s Note: Steve Hall regularly talks to leaders about the greatness of Christ. But it wasn’t always this way. One night changed it all.]

I’m Steve Hall. As part of International Renewal Ministries, I spend most of my time talking about the greatness of Christ with pastors and Christian leaders in the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in a Christian home, so for most of my life I’ve known that Christ is God’s Son, that he came to Earth to save us from our sins, that he did many miracles, and that he taught us how we’re supposed to live.

Learning About Revival

One night in 1976 a thought came into my mind that for the rest of my life I was supposed to help pastors experience revival in their personal lives and in their congregations.  I believe the Holy Spirit spoke to me that night, but I didn’t know anything about revival!

So I started to read every book I could find about revival and about past national and international awakenings to Christ. I talked to other Christian leaders about revival; I began praying that the Lord would help me to experience an awakening to him in my own life; and I prayed he would lead me to others who were longing to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ more deeply and more passionately.

One of the Christian leaders who help me to understand revival—or Christ Awakening as he calls it—was David Bryant. He helped me see that a Christ Awakening happens when believers become hungry to know the depths and heights of the majesty and love of the risen and reigning Lord Jesus Christ, and then walk in the power of the Holy Spirit to passionately love, worship, and obey him.

Lord of All

I praise God that over the last 40 years the Holy Spirit has enabled me to have a consuming fire for more of Christ. A Scripture passage that describes well how I now see Christ is Acts 10:36 in which Paul says that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. I’ve read the entire Bible a number of times asking the Holy Spirit to reveal more of Christ to me. I’m especially stunned by Christ’s supremacy in Hebrews 1, Colossians 1, and Revelations 1.

I’m absolutely convinced that right now—and forever—Jesus Christ is the Lord, the Master, the Supreme Ruler of all of the heavens and the earth that he created. That conviction of Christ’s complete lordship has made all the difference in my life. I can worship him with all of my heart and I’m praying that Jesus will be Lord of every part of my life. I just can’t wait to talk about the greatness of Christ with every pastor, Christian leader, and any other person that the Holy Spirit brings into my life.

Awaken to the Vastness of Christ

My prayer is that believers everywhere awaken to the vastness of the Lord Jesus Christ and be filled with abounding hope in him. I invite you to begin your journey to experience much more of Christ now.


Steve is the representative for International Renewal Ministries in Washington state. He encourages and helps pastors and other Christian leaders to build more of a focus on the supremacy of Christ and prayer into their personal lives and ministries. You can get more information about Steve and his book from the book’s website or Steve’s Facebook page.


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