Download nuggets from the author, David Bryant, for his book CHRIST IS NOW! 

Based on four decades of research, CHRIST IS NOW! is unlike any book you’ve seen. Using a host of creative formats wrapped around seven simple prepositions, David Bryant equips God’s people everywhere to explore and experience in brand new ways a grander, deeper, more dynamic encounter with Jesus. Like meeting him again for the first time.


“David Bryant is my chief mentor related to the current glory and reign of God’s Son. I have spent untold hours sitting at his feet as he taught on this thrilling subject. I have spent even more hours poring over all he has written. His words, his phrases, and his thought processes have permeated how I see and think about Jesus. With humble permission, David has allowed me to use his clear thoughts in many of my own writings. Christ be praised!”

Dr. Richard Ross, professor at Southwestern Theological Seminary and author of Student Ministry and the Supremacy of Christ and Youth Ministry That Lasts A Lifetime

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