Are You “PURPOSE-Driven” or “PERSON-Driven”? Actually, It Really Does Matter.


Are You “PURPOSE-Driven”
or “PERSON-Driven”?
Actually, It Really Does Matter.


The next two minutes with David Bryant
could set your life in Christ moving forward
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If all that Americans had to go on were magazines like People or Time’s popular “Person of the Year”—or the chief subject matter of every cable news show—we would have to conclude this: We humans are pretty much predisposed to be person-driven people.

For example, many of us are captivated by inside scoops on famous people—like movie stars or politicians or sports heroes. This becomes obvious in our reading and viewing habits and maybe most of all in our daily conversations.

Yet when measuring the prevailing concerns of many Christians today, each of us faces this troubling question: “Am I truly person-driven when it comes to my relationship to the person of God’s Son? As a way of life, am I compelled daily not only to know more about him, but also to know him more?”

Last week a friend wrote me to say he had just returned from a meeting of Christian pastors in a major US city, convened to strategize on reaching their community with the gospel. Scores of well-intentioned leaders had given up an entire day because they were “purpose-driven”—they wanted to pursue an evangelistic outreach together.

But, my friend reported, throughout the entire gathering, in all their dreaming and planning, the person of Jesus was mentioned only two times. Two times in six hours!

How could that be, since the gospel is fundamentally all about Jesus? Aren’t we seeking to spread a message that is all for the glory of Jesus?

Unwittingly—and I’ve seen this for years wherever I travel in the Body of Christ—too many Christians are intent on serving a cause that lacks an overriding passion for the Christ for whom the cause exists.

“Out of what fills the heart, the mouth speaks” cautioned Jesus in Matthew 12. In other words, six hours of Christians interacting that leaves Jesus out of the conversation suggests that a passion other than Jesus occupies many of them.

This phenomenon should not surprise us, however. In summing up 2000 years of Church history, scholar James Edwards finds this “crisis of vision for Christ” to be a reoccurring theme:

Too often the Church has become uncertain of Jesus, even uncomfortable with him. Church history is replete with a tendency to forsake Christ. The Church has a long history of discomfort with Christ. The maneuvering of Christ to the margins diminishes the impact of God’s mission through us.

Bottom line, in this urgent hour of what many see as a growing national spiritual emergency, all of us need to be far more Christ-driven than we are.

In fact, what we are desperate for is a God-given, nationwide Christ Awakening in which the person of our Redeemer, reigning triumphantly right now in everything, saturates Christians’ hearts (our affections and ambitions) so fully that we become newly determined and empowered to advance his purpose.

For more on this, I invite you to listen to my 4-minute podcast, “Are You a Christ-driven Christian?”

NOTE: This blog post was originally posted on February 08, 2019. But its focus and content are more relevant now than when it was first published.

About the Author

Over the past 40 years, David Bryant has been defined by many as a “messenger of hope” and a “Christ proclaimer” to the Church throughout the world. Formerly a minister-at-large with the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, president of Concerts of Prayer International (COPI), and chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee, David now provides leadership to and to Proclaim Hope!, whose mission is to foster and serve Christ-awakening movements. Order his widely read books at

  1. Marijn Burkunk 5 years ago

    Hi, so true that the church through the ages is uncomfortable with Jesus Christ Himself. In my opinion that is because of the nature of religiosity. Since Constantine the church committed adultery and emperor was the new bridegroom instead of Jesus… Until now it is like this and we are used to it and even blind for it. A significant tool in the hands of religious establishment is the positioning of the bible as the highest authority. In the days of Jesus on earth the Word was the identity of Jesus. And after His departure the Holy Spirit was His only Representative. Since this evil marriage the bishop of Rome claims to be His representative (in stead of the Spirit) and the bible the Word of God and being so highest authority (in stead of Christ). If we want to be Person driven again we must go back to those days when church was under fire and learn what it means that His Kingdom is not of this earth.

  2. Ken Jennings 3 years ago

    Thanks for you awesome words (Holy Spirit inspired) I look out for them ) I agree with them. Ken Jennings

    • Author
      David Bryant 3 years ago

      thanks, Ken. Be sure to enjoy all the free resources at, taking you even further in your life in Christ. David

  3. Steve Williams 3 years ago

    I love reading your comments Pastor David and appreciate your open and honest talking of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We need more Pastors in New Zealand to stand and speak boldly of our Christian Faith in this Country. I am always encouraging others to join with your for some great teaching from men who STAND for our Supreme Christ.

    • Author
      David Bryant 3 years ago

      Steve: These words mean a lot to me! You represent what I believe the Holy Spirit wants to raise up all across the Body of Christ, in America, in New Zealand, among God’s people everywhere. Pray with me that your “tribe” will multiply greatly in the next couple of years. David

      • Steve Williams 3 years ago

        Yes I do pray and agree with you that God will raise up more people to stand up for Truth and Righteousness, just as the Word says, righteousness exalts a Nation and blessed is the Nation who’s God is The Lord. Amen and Blessings. Steve

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