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As a unique outreach into the digital world, is focused exclusively on Christ and his spectacular supremacy today and our fullness of life in him.

To serve you and the nationwide Christ Awakening movement, we offer worship videos, daily audio devotions, teaching videos, podcasts, blog posts, ebooks, Twitter meditations, a Facebook group called the ChristNow Community, and much more—all of it free!

Among our most popular tools are The Christ Institutes Video Series, The Daily CHRIST TODAY Podcast with David Bryant, Christ Kids, and Video Clips About Christ. Discover these and more at

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The ChristNow Mobile App provides you with immediate access—anytime, anywhere—to an extraordinary array of free resources and social media platforms. It helps you catch a greater vision of the reigning Lord Jesus Christ as well as connect you with the growing nationwide Christ Awakening movement.

- David Bryant

Founder of Christ Now and Proclaim Hope
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