Announcing Exciting Addition to Free Downloadable Helps

An Exciting Addition to Free Downloadable Helps

In keeping with the mission of—your one-stop hub for free Christ-exalting resources like teaching videos, devotions, worship music, personal stories, and more—we have launched a brand new service: DOWNLOADS ABOUT CHRIST…NOW.

At the opening of his Gospel, the apostle John remarks that out of Jesus’ fullness we receive an overwhelming abundance of God’s gifts to us.

Even so, on the DOWNLOADS section of, we share very practical tools raised up across the Body of Christ by the Holy Spirit to help this generation of God’s people explore and experience a great deal more of Christ’s fullness.

But this week’s launch of DOWNLOADS is just a beginning.  We’re asking people like you to point us toward similar Christ-exalting helps for us to feature, offered by all parts of the Body of Christ.

As you do so, increasingly the  DOWNLOADS page will provide a treasure trove of proven assets, designed by Jesus’ followers from every stream of the Church, created with excellence, and focused on increasing our vision of his glory and greatness.

And what’s more, like all of, the DOWNLOADS are free to you—from the Church for the Church!

Current categories of downloadable tools include:

  • Study Guides and Helps
  • Bible Verse Tiles
  • eBooks
  • Power Point slides for The Christ Institutes


Enjoy! Use DOWNLOADS to help you enjoy more of Christ!


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