An Amazing Update From David Bryant, Founder of

An Amazing Update From David Bryant,

Founder Of

Greetings in Jesus to all our friends throughout the digital world!

In the past two years, you and I have created an unprecedented outreach for God’s Son on the World Wide Web:

So I thought it was time for me to report to all of you about some of the extraordinary things going on at

First, I want you to know why we say this resource is the ONLY ministry of its kind for Christ on the web and what that means for you.

Second, I want you to see how is so KEY to fostering Christ Awakenings all across our nation, which are so desperately needed in this hour.

Finally, I want to highlight for you some of the NEW ways will continue to help transform and empower your own daily walk with our reigning Savior.

The Awesome Power of Digital Outreach for the Glory of Christ

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn—these are the 21st century’s versions of magazines, radio, and TV stations. They have created the “town square” where millions of people today congregate—where they focus much attention, spending countless hours every day in digital space. With over 1.7 billion users on Facebook, 1 billion on Instagram, 67 million on Twitter, and 300 million on LinkedIn, these four platforms alone create the context in which moderns connect, communicate, and mobilize—or simply escape.

Therefore, to foster, spread, and serve a Christ Awakening movement throughout the nation, the international team at is working daily to capitalize on the unprecedented potential of all forms of social media for the glory of Christ.

To put it another way: Every day, offers the Lord Jesus another powerful base of operations for awakening and empowering a multitude of Christians with a larger vision of his greatness and glory today in order to raise up a movement of spiritual revolution that may come no other way.

What is equally distinctive is that all of this ministry outreach is provided

without charge to everyone who wants to use its resources.

To be more specific: offers a one-of-a-kind, go-to hub of Christ-focused tools, training, ebooks, blogs, podcasts and videos, drawn from many streams of the Church and all focused on exploring and experiencing a fresh vision of the supremacy of God’s Son. Our ultimate purpose is to promote widely a nationwide Christ Awakening movement among God’s people.

Think of the website itself as the centerpiece. From there we shepherd many involved with the influential social media platforms it offers. This way we’re fulfilling our goal to equip and mobilize thousands of brothers and sisters advocating together for the spread of this treasure trove of “goods and services” throughout the Body of Christ. All of this is key to fostering a Christ Awakening movement in this generation.

And Christians just like YOU have helped to make all of this possible!

But we’ve only just begun! continues to advance by pursuing its fivefold mission:

1. To uncover Jesus’ followers who are eager to encounter more fully who Christ is today as they take the journey into their own Christ Awakening experience.

2. To introduce these same Jesus’ followers to whole new ways of thinking about God’s Son and all he is today, showing them wonderful promises for those who enter into the Christ Awakening experience.

3. To empower these same Jesus’ followers with unique tools and resources, freely offered, that enable them to know more fully the glory of his supremacy and experience more fully life under his reign today.

4. To connect these same Jesus’ followers with others across the nation who are of like heart and passion, forming a vibrant online group known as the ChristNow Facebook Community. Here Christians can inspire and build up one another to remain wholly alive to the whole vision of the whole Christ today.

5. To mobilize these same Jesus’ followers to foster Christ Awakenings within the churches and ministries where they live. The goal of ChristNow is to inspire those we serve with such a magnificent vision of Christ that they will choose to work together with us to help God’s people nationwide become wholly alive to God’s Son and the fullness of his supremacy today.

Now we invite you to become part of fulfilling‘s fivefold dream. Although all of our resources are available to everyone for free, that does not mean there aren’t costs to developing them, posting them, and continually expanding them—plus staff time responding to those who interact with us.

With your help, can continue to serve as the only address on the web focused exclusively on proclaiming the supremacy of Jesus and fostering a nationwide Christ Awakening movement.

Please consider donating to our work here.

This can be your opportunity to become part of a national endeavor to give to God’s Son an unprecedented base of operations in the digital world, powered by

Every gift to our mission goes directly into underwriting and expanding all we are doing. Furthermore, every gift is tax deductible.

Together, let’s “prepare the way of the Lord”!

Let’s begin by seeking more of Christ ourselves. Then, let’s spread the vision of the fullness of his supremacy everywhere, as we serve the unfolding of a God-given American CHRIST Awakening.

The resources at help you do that. It’s all free. So, get started today!

Please donate here

David Bryant

P.S. Check out and download our brand new, free ebook, Christ, Our Supreme Pathfinder, at

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