America: Standing at the Tipping Point!

America: Standing at the Tipping Point!

This is the hour for which God has raised up ChristNow— because there’s NO quarantine on a nationwide Christ Awakening movement!

An urgent message from our founder, David Bryant,
to the ChristNow family from coast to coast,
in the midst of an unprecedented national disaster


The headlines in today’s New York Times should shake us all to the core of our souls: British doctor: “We’re heading into the abyss.” Italian doctor: “Our nation is ready to collapse.” “Coronavirus is so much worse than 9/11.” Or how about this one: “The world we once lived in is gone forever.” All of these articles appeared in just one daily edition. And we’re only at the beginning of this drama.

Medically, financially, culturally, and psychologically, our nation is under an extraordinary siege! However, this unmitigated crisis is merely reflective of the far greater moral and spiritual crisis in which our nation finds itself.

That’s why here at ChristNow, we’re moving forward more aggressively than ever in our unique outreach.

A digital ministry cannot be quarantined! Neither can the spiritual revolution we are calling for and serving: a nationwide “Christ Awakening.” Every day, in every way, we’re fostering it, fueling it, and feeding it. For you. With you. For the sake of Jesus’ reign and glory!

This is the moment for which ChristNow was created—
as America finds itself at the “tipping point”!

A Telling Story: Last night on the news, experts were expressing amazement at how Americans’ concern for the coronavirus pandemic has gone from casual observance to becoming the one topic everyone, everywhere, is talking about—as it totally changes our way of life. They noted especially how the acceleration of awareness happened in just one week!

“When did the tipping point take place that turned Americans from being casual to being consumed with the crisis?” they asked.

No one knew for sure. But they were certain that somehow in only a few days, almost overnight, everything “tipped.” Now, a wide-sweeping healthcare movement has risen up—exactly as Malcomb Gladwell predicts in his NY Times bestseller: The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference.

A Remarkable Story: Before this emergency healthcare crisis, before the severe psychological impact of social isolation, before the collapsing stock market, already America had arrived at a moral and spiritual tipping point. It just wasn’t clearly on the national “radar.”

Put all together, we will either ultimately “tip” into an irreversible national catastrophe, OR, by God’s grace and the power of God’s Spirit, we as a people will “tip” into a radical rediscovery of the supremacy and saving power of the reigning Christ.

Knowing this “tipping point” was coming, God has been preparing ChristNow over the past five years to help bring God’s people—and with them the entire nation—into a wholesale revival of biblical proportions, all of it focused on and flowing from the living Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.

And yes, ChristNow IS equal to such a challenge. How do I know?

A Reaffirming Story: The Atlantic magazine recently ran an in-depth exposé: The Man Behind Trump’s Facebook Juggernaut (google it). The fact is, every tool the Trump team employed online—especially with social media—to win in 2016 (and will use again in 2020) reflects precisely every form of outreach ChristNow has perfected over the past five years.

Bottom line: In similar ways, ChristNow is ready to meet the darkest hour in our land with a ministry of abounding hope in Christ.

Plus, God has given us an international ministry team of extraordinary talents through Digital Revamp (google it). Digital Revamp also provides services for major US government agencies, national corporations, even the United Nations. These co-workers comprise a band of Christians zealous for feeding a “nationwide Christ Awakening movement.” What a gift!

A Future Story: Therefore, at this moment, our ministry is growing both the capacity and the expertise to wage a national-level campaign for this Christ Awakening, on par with a presidential-type campaign!

We’re working daily at this critical hour to bring ChristNow to a macro scale that allows us—technologically-speaking but above all by the Spirit of God—to rapidly mobilize millions of believers across the digital world, for a wide-sweeping movement back to the redeeming greatness and goodness and glorious reign of the Son of God.

Capacity. Expertise. Millions. Rapidly. All for Jesus. Think about that!

Now for Your Story: What does this mean for YOU? Before I answer, let’s review:

  • In this age of ominous national crises, the ULTIMATE PROMISE for America is a profound return to the wonders of the reigning Christ inside our churches, which then will spread this uprising throughout the land. A Christ Awakening. A nationwide revival.
  • God has raised up a one-of-a-kind outreach—ChristNow—specifically to fulfill this mission.
  • In every way, ChristNow is mature, primed, staffed up, and brimming with all kinds of free, UNPARALLELED RESOURCES that are able to serve an entire nation to this end.
  • Furthermore, we are set to roll out right now a NATIONAL CAMPAIGN for a Christ Awakening in our churches and in our land.

Join us! Here’s how:

1. By extraordinary prayer. Do so, first of all, by your earnest, persistent, daily PRAYER for the spiritual reclamation of our nation through our Lord Jesus Christ. Expressed in a thousand different ways, essentially that kind of praying sounds like this:

“Dear Father, quickly bring our nation to the tipping point!
Trigger by your Spirit a Christ Awakening revolution everywhere.
Wake us up to a new vision of our ascended, reigning Lord Jesus!
Sovereignly ignite it. Gloriously incite it. Gladly we invite it.”

2.  By getting ready. Dig into the wealth of ChristNow for yourself. Begin to go deeper into more of Jesus for yourself. Prepare yourself for what is coming—not just in terms of a mounting pandemic but far more in terms of readiness to serve the Christ Awakening for which God has brought all of us to this “tipping point.”

Beyond the tipping point, we will need to become active in serving this movement by spreading it widely in our churches and communities and all across America! (See suggestions below.)

3. By empowering our mission. Where will we get the finances required to serve at a level needed to foster a campaign for a Christ Awakening from coast-to-coast? We’re convinced many “Christians of means” are beginning to grasp the powerful potential inherent in this unprecedented endeavor for Christ and sacrificially open wide their checkbooks to help us take ChristNow far and wide.

At the same time, we believe that from all directions—from people just like YOU—our Father will provide significant monies to keep us moving, pressing onward and outward toward the tipping point.

Just look at how small donations for presidential candidates have added up to millions of dollars for their campaigns. Even so, every dollar you invest in ChristNow will be used for a whole other kind of campaign, designed to make known the saving power of God’s Son in new ways throughout the land. Tax-deductible gifts can be made online at We welcome your gifts of any size gratefully!

Never in the history of America has an hour for the profound, life-giving deliverance offered us in our Redeemer King been greater. The day for a gloriously transforming intervention of his Kingdom is upon us. May that “tipping point” come soon. And may each of us be fully involved with him when it does.

David Bryant

P.S. Break out these blessings waiting for you at

OK, let’s imagine you end up under a 14-day quarantine with the virus. Or maybe your whole community gets shut down, with everyone working from home. No commuting! No Caribbean cruises. No Sunday worship services.

What might this mean for you? It could become a new season of spiritual blessings! Just use all that extra time to enrich your relationship with your King—to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3).

Everything at exists precisely for a time like this! There’s nothing like it anywhere in the digital world. And it is all FREE to you! Furthermore, it’s ready to serve you right there on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, no matter where you’re quarantined!

Let us help you turn a quarantine from others into quality time with Jesus!

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