with David Bryant

The Classics

We are excited about our CHRIST TODAY Podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network! The podcast is for Christians hungry to explore and experience more of who the living, reigning Jesus Christ is today and how that can revitalize their daily walk with him.

There are two versions: Choose from hundreds of “The Classics” episodes, each about thirty minutes long (see below).

Or listen to the current, ongoing series of 15-minute episodes, five days a week, called the Daily CHRIST TODAY Podcast.

All episodes feature David Bryant sharing with you personal, inspiring insights and life-changing applications gleaned from his 45 years of teaching about Christ throughout the Church worldwide.

And each is enhanced by a wealth of free online resources, available at, to help you go deeper and further in your life in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Classics offer you eleven unique series of episodes. Work your way through an entire series, one episode a day—that’s a great approach. However, since every episode can serve as a stand-alone “meal,” come and dine on any one of them at any time. Either way, you’ll be growing a larger vision of Christ while going deeper in your life with him.

To learn more about CHRIST TODAY, listen to Episode 0 below.

Be sure to subscribe to the show for FREE on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts. Listen there to the Daily CHRIST TODAY Podcast five days a week. Or enjoy a “Classics” episode right now by choosing from one of the series below.

There’s a disturbing restlessness—a deepening hunger, a growing longing—across our nation. Have you sensed it? Is some of it found inside your own heart? Do you know what it is about? Rather, do you know WHO it is all about?

CHRIST TODAY exists for this purpose only—to meet this restlessness, to feed the hunger, to fulfill the longing.

In Episode 0, David Bryant takes five minutes to share with you more about what this podcast can mean for YOU and for your own daily walk with God's Son.

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