21-Day Video Journey Into More of Christ

Take a 21-day journey into more of Christ based on 21 ten-minute video samples taken from The Christ Institutes Video Series. We’ve selected 21 brief video clips from the original 9 one-hour videos of The Christ Institutes to give you an inspiring taste of the larger journey. (Also available as a 21-Day Journey podcast series. See the link at the bottom of the page.)

21-Day Video Journey

Day 1:
What does the supremacy of Christ really involve?

Day 2:
Why does Christ’s supremacy take me beyond His centrality?

Day 3:
How would I describe Christ’s intimacy with the Trinity?

Day 4:
How does God reveal the greatness of His glory in His Son?

Day 5:
What are the claims of Christ found in His many names?

Day 6:
In what ways does Christ sum up Scripture in Himself?

Day 7:
What is significant about Christ as my identity and destiny?

Day 8:
What’s my vision of His supreme majesty?

Day 9:
What happened by the invasion of His incarnation?

Day 10:
What happened through the mission of His crucifixion?

Day 11:
What happened with the re-creation of His resurrection?

Day 12:
What happened at the coronation of His ascension?

Day 13:
What is Christ’s four-fold revolution and its impact on me?

Day 14:
What does Christ’s supremacy over creation look like?

Day 15:
What does Christ’s supremacy over world history look like?

Day 16:
What does Christ’s supremacy over global leaders look like?

Day 17:
What does Christ’s supremacy over many peoples look like?

Day 18:
What does Christ’s supremacy over evil powers look like?

Day 19:
What does Christ’s supremacy over the Church look like?

Day 20:
Why should I abound in the hope of seeing more of Christ?

Day 21:
How might I invite Christ to come upon us in new ways now?

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