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  • Do you have a growing hunger to know more about Jesus and become more for him?
  • Do you dream of a day when the Church in America is again fully alive, growing, and working together to pursue the person and purposes of Christ?
  • Would you like to Join a movement of Jesus followers across America who feel the very same way you do as we work together for an “American CHRIST Awakening”?

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The CHRIST TODAY Podcast is for Christians hungry to explore and experience more of who the living, reigning Jesus Christ is today.

Having spent decades delivering these teachings to every stream of the global Church, host David Bryant shares each episode with heart-stirring warmth, infectious passion, and practical life applications.


Messages from the Frontlines
of the American CHRIST Awakening
Episode 390
Jesus’ SUPREMACY and the ISSUES around abortion NOT addressed is the only ministry in the digital world focused exclusively on fostering personal as well as nationwide Christ Awakenings! offers interactive resources, multimedia tools, and social networks to help you explore and experience more of the supremacy of Jesus today, including The Christ Institutes Video Series, worship videos, teaching videos, daily devotions, story videos, email journeys, blog posts, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, plus much more. And it’s all FREE to you! also serves as the sponsoring headquarters for The Nationwide Campaign for an American CHRIST Awakening.

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