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"Awake to Christ for ALL he is!"

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21-Day Video Journey Into More of Christ

In 21 brief videos, David Bryant takes you on an adventure to discover the full extent of the supremacy of God’s Son—and all that means for your daily walk with him. Experience these powerful insights that David has developed over decades of study and teaching. Taking just a few minutes each day to watch one of the videos will transform your life forever.


8-minute vlog episodes interpreting current events through the lens of the saving reign of God’s Son

In these 8-minute video blogs, David shares with you face to face how Christ’s supremacy impacts specific challenges confronting God’s people in our nation today.

Learn how wearing “King Jesus glasses” can change the way you see and respond to what’s going on in our world.

Each episode also confirms why a God-given Christ Awakening is our greatest hope at this defining hour for our generation.

Today's Topic

The President has complete immunity.
But does anyone really?

David Bryant LIVE!

Direct, face-to-face Zoom or in-person meetings with David to pursue a Christ Awakening

As founder and creative director of, David wants to get more personally and directly involved with Christians seeking to know more, experience more, and become more for Jesus Christ.

David has addressed audiences worldwide!

  • In churches and cathedrals
  • At local and national leadership events
  • With citywide Christian gatherings
  • On college and university campuses
  • In sports arenas, civic centers, and stadiums
  • On radio, television, and Zoom conferences
  • To 1.5 million men on the National Mall in D.C.

And now, he wants to share directly with you!

ChristNow Resources Library

This vast variety of powerful, practical tools and digital  platforms are available to you—all in one place and all FREE!

Its multifaceted inventory offers you exceptional assets for  serving the American CHRIST Awakening by helping you grow a larger vision of and greater passion for our Lord Jesus— and empowering you to help others do the same.


  • Christ Is NOW! (ebook)
  • Christ Is ALL! (ebook)
  • Messengers of Hope (ebook)
  • Christ Institutes Video Training Series
  • Video Clips About Christ (hundreds)
  • Teaching Videos
  • Christ Awakening Servant Teams Manual
  • Testimonies About Christ Awakenings
  • 365 Daily Devotions
  • Teaching Audios
  • CHRISTNOW Blog Posts
  • CHRIST TODAY Podcast (650)
  • Christ Kids
  • Art About Christ
  • Worship Videos
  • CHRISTNOW YouTube Channel



Transforming Your Prayer Life

See More. Seek More. Speak More

The Growing, Sobering Crisis of Christology

Why Should Jesus Become Your True Identity

Breakthrough! Prayer Events

Frequent, Rapid-Response Prayer Gatherings for an American CHRIST Awakening

Join the Zoom call either by computer or mobile device.
Join with hope-filled Jesus followers from coast to coast.
Join in strategic, 30-minute times of concerted prayers
for a God-given Christward revolution in our nation.
Come to pray for a Christ Awakening, which is our only hope.
Come to listen and learn to pray for a Christ-exalting revival.


We’ll alert you each time a BREAKTHROUGH! is scheduled.

Christ Awakening Servant Teams

Connecting Christians more fully to the person of Christ by increasing their conversations about the supremacy of Christ— until an awakening to Christ spills out of our churches to overtake our nation

  • Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks (Matthew 12:34).
  • Faith comes by hearing when what is heard is the message of Christ (Romans 10:17).
  • The Lord gave the word, and great was the company of the proclaimers (Psalm 68:11).
  • Let the message about Christ dwell among you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom (Colossians 3:16).

David Bryant BLOG

How Jesus Followers Must Pray Now for a Nation in Crisis

  • David Bryant
  • July 20, 2024
How Jesus Followers Must Prayfor Our Nation at This Crisis Point A Prayer from 1710 Meant for America in 2024 At our most recent BREAKTHROUGH! Zoom Rapid

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American CHRIST Awakening

  • Do you want to help fellow Christians to know more about Jesus, experience more of Jesus, and become more for Jesus?
  • Have you dreamed of a day when God’s people across America become more fully alive to knowing God’s reigning Son and to pursuing his saving purposes for our land?
  • Are you open to joining a movement with like-minded believers from coast to coast to spread an American CHRIST Awakening at this critical time in our nation?


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