Help Change the course of history and the direction of our nation at the same time

Help Launch a Christ Awakening movement across America—to see possibly millions of “sleeping,” self-focused believers in our nation more of the glory and supremacy of King Jesus

Help the Body of Christ to focus on Jesus more fully: to see him and know him as they never have before; to be passionate for his name and fame and reign; ready to live for him . . . ready to die for him

With your help, will continue to serve as the only address on the web focused exclusively on proclaiming the supremacy of Jesus today and fostering a nationwide Christ Awakening movement.

Join thousands of other Jesus followers.
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Go Fund HIM

Go Fund HIM

is your opportunity through ChristNowOnline to give Jesus a base of operations in the digital world for him to bring believers into the fullness of life found in his supremacy today!

Go Fund HIM

Go Fund HIM

ChristNowOnline to give to Jesus a one-of-a-kind way for him to minister directly to millions of Christians throughout the whole world who are longing to know him for all he is today —the majority of whom are young people spending hours every day on their mobile digital devices.

Go Fund HIM

Go Fund HIM

is your opportunity to join hands with thousands of other believers from coast to coast (and even in other parts of the world!) currently benefiting from the platforms of ChristNowOnline and the free resources at to help spread this impact into all parts of the Body of Christ.

Go Fund HIM

Go Fund HIM

is unlike any other current fund -raising initiative. Note: It is not a part of “GoFundMe.” That’s because it isn’t about “me.” It’s all about Jesus. This ministry is his alone, for him to use as he pleases for his Kingdom purposes.

Every dollar raised with this campaign goes directly into expanding the free resources at and rapidly spreading the outreach of ChristNowOnline:

Christ-exalting posts and videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Weekly blog posts

The 48-hour, in-depth teaching of The Christ Institutes Video Series

Hundreds of other free multimedia teaching and worship tools

ALL of our outreach is focused on the reign and glory of Jesus today.

We invite you

to become part of a Christ-exalting mission bigger than yourself.

We invite you

to help us form a force working to give King Jesus a host of believers who are altogether passionate for his name and fame and reign.

We invite you

to enlarge for our Redeemer an unprecedented outreach as he rallies an entire generation of Christians to himself and the full extent of his greatness and glory.

We invite you

to help thousands of other believers to benefit from the riches you have enjoyed at ChristNowOnline and

We invite you

to make your donation online today
@ Go Fund HIM (Tax-Deductible)

Questions Most Often Asked

Your gift goes through the PayPal link at Proclaim Hope! and will be safely transferred directly to the ChristNowOnline project. PayPal will send you a tax-deductible receipt for your records.
Every penny! (minus PayPal’s minor processing fee.)
We are currently in the midst of implementing a major national expansion plan requiring $200,000 in donations in the next few months. Following that, approximately $50,000 will be needed for each of the next three years to keep all platforms active and growing. Think of the millions of believers Jesus will reach by your sacrificial investment!
ChristNowOnline is accountable to the Proclaim Hope! board of directors and the national editorial board of—who are all accountable to the Lord Jesus Christ! National Editorial Board
David Bryant, President, Proclaim Hope!
Gary Frost, National Coordinator, Mission America Coalition
Steve Hall, NW Regional Director, International Renewal Ministries
Richard Ross, professor, Southwest Theological Seminary
Nancy Wilson, International Ambassador, CRU National Editorial Board National Editorial Board


Peyton Booth

Jesus has ballooned for me from a tiny savior to a reigning King. I'll never be the same. I invite you to join me in this journey with resources at They really help you to see Jesus as a reigning King and reigning Champion.

Dave Butts

As someone who has spent several decades mobilizing the Church to pray, I’m convinced that the greatest need of the Church today is a fresh biblical vision of who Christ is. To meet this need, God has raised up my friend, David Bryant, with a clear prophetic word for the people of God in our day. Sitting under his teaching in The Christ Institutes is restorative and life-giving. This clear, clarion call for the Lordship of Christ is the most important voice being raised in the Church today!

Dick Eastman

David Bryant will bring you to the edge of your seat in anticipation of the next great spiritual awakening. Evidence abounds that true global revival is on its way—no doubt the greatest in all of human history — and Bryant shows us how. Get ready to rejoice!

Chris Vorhees

I used to dig through the “dirt” of my life and try to earn my way to God. But Jesus came to free me from this impossible task. He reached down into the deep pit I had dug and said, “Chris, I love you because I created you.” I am overwhelmed with the grace-filled supremacy of Christ! If you are trying to dig your way to God, I invite you to reach up and grasp the hand of Jesus. Check out the resources at You will be encouraged in your journey into the center of Christ.

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