Watch These Stunning Images of Jesus [Video]

When I watch the video, I’m filled with the stunning awareness that indeed Jesus is supreme over s...

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Free Webinar: How to Make Easter More Meaningful

Register for the free webinar on March 15, at 9 PM EDT and be prepared to enjoy a more meaningful Ea...

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Announcing Christ Kids and a Devotion on Super Tuesday

[Editor's Note: Kids can use Christian resources as much as adults. Browse the ChristNow website for...

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Introducing Christ Talks

Introducing Christ Talks Welcome to Christ Talks! This month, launches a brand new res...

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Announcing Exciting Addition to Free Downloadable Helps

In keeping with the mission of, we have launched a new service: DOWNLOADS ABOUT CHRIST...

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The Always-Free “Christ Cast” Webinar Ministry

The Always-Free "Christ Cast" Webinar Ministry The always-free "Christ Cast" webinar series is a new...

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